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Varvsvägen 3, Lunde
Unique rare opportunity to purchase a big port & marina property in the Unesco world heritage , Swedish High Coast area. Land and water property is about 2 hectars totally. With asphalt paved port property with a smallboat basin and a cement quay that can moor 100 meter Ships. Max draft alongside 6-6,5 metres. All todays environmental and port & shipping approvals granted for commercial usage as a port. Full ISPS rules fencing installed on the properties perimeters. The big waterfront property can be used for a variety of applications by new owners. Such as: Marina businesses, as a homeport for Shipowners. Perfect for an industrial production, boatyard, boatbuilders. Marine businesses or why not a production site for green energy such as a Hydrogen production plant. All accesroads and Electrical feeding adapted for hd industrial scale since its the original home of former Swedish : Lunde Varv (Shipyard ) AB. This unique property can be bought as a lot or packed as a AB form company buying out all shares and keeping all commercial approvals for Marine & Shipping businesses. A truly unique hard to find piece of waterfront property.
Bostadstyp:Tomtarea: 16853 m²

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Objektsbild - Varvsvägen 3, Lunde
Objektsbild - Varvsvägen 3, Lunde
Objektsbild - Varvsvägen 3, Lunde
Objektsbild - Varvsvägen 3, Lunde
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